Assemble at 6:00 P.M. The assembly area is
between 12th and 13th and it goes straight
past 5th and disperses at 5th.
Parade Information
The Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Association welcomes your family to
join us this year in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2015.

The Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held on Tuesdayday,
March 17th, on the Nicollet Mall beginning 6:30 p.m. The parade route
will start at Nicollet and 11th Street till’ it reaches 5th Street.

The Blarney Blast Party the official Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day
@ The Normandy Inn & Suites!

The history of the parade dates back to 1969 when Duff’s Bar and the
Bradford’s Pub initiated the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade for
Minneapolis. It was a short caravan between the two pubs, and
ironically, was prompted by friendly jibing of some gentlemen of other
ethnic backgrounds. The first parade consisted of one float, provided by
the Sons and Daughters of Ireland. It was a social event, including wild
members of the Minnesota Vikings Football team riding motorcycles into
Duff’s bar to commemorate the parade.

Since then, the
parade has grown to become one of the most celebrated
parades in Minneapolis. It takes the support and dedication of the
community to make this event a dream come true each and every year.
If you would like to put a float in the parade and help the Minneapolis
St. Patrick’s Day Association create a festive celebration above all,
please email us the following information and we will contact you with
further information.
There is a $25 entry fee for families and non-profit groups. Others
please check with the committee.

Important Notice:
Drinking on the Highways-Ordinance 853.030 - No liquor shall be
sold or served for consumption or consumed upon any public
highway or in any motor vehicle upon any public highway in the City
of Minneapolis.
Help Camp NeedlePoint.
Buy a button.
The first St. Patrick's Day Association
button was created in 1970 to promote spirit
and raise money for The American Diabetes
Association. Now, you can buy button and
bead set for $5.00 each to help raise money
for Camp Needlepoint.
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